Let These Simple Planning Tools Be Your Wedding Guide

Posted March 28 2017

Let These

Simple Planning Tools Be Your Wedding Guide

Planning a wedding isn't easy. You need the right wedding guide to see you through. Here are our top apps and tools for stress-free wedding planning.

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It's going to be one of the most spectacular days of your life. But, planning that day isn't easy, and you'll need the right wedding guide to see you through.

After you chose the perfect ring, you may have thought the hard work was over.

But, in reality, the hard work has just begun.

Between picking the right venue, finding the perfect caterer, and making sure that everyone is invited, planning a wedding takes time, effort, and a whole lot of patience.   

So, what if there were some awesome wedding guide planning tools that could help to streamline the process for you? 

The good news is there are, and we're about to share the best ones.

It's time to put the fun back into your planning your big day. 

Ready for a wedding guide crash course? 

Let's get to it! 

These Great Planning Tools Can Be Your Wedding Guide 

1. Finding the Perfect Venue

Searching for the perfect venue can be a truly exhausting experience.

Do you choose to trek from one location to another? Do you Google search a list of venues in your area?

How about you save your time and your sanity by using an online wedding venue tool instead? 

One such tool is called Wedding Spot

This tool is ultimate wedding guide, taking the hassle of searching for a venue away at the click of a button. 

Using this website, you'll be able to search for a venue by filtering results by price, style, location, etc. And, it'll even give you a price range for each venue.

2. The Dress

If you're a traditional bride, you'll probably want to visit wedding dress boutiques to find that exquisite dress.

But, if fitting on a thousand dresses sounds like a nightmare to you, check out this super cool virtual dressing room app. It allows you to try on hundreds of designer dresses without ever having to leave home!

If you're searching for the right dress you may be on a tight budget. Or maybe, looking for something a little more creative or unique? If so, you'd do well to try out a website called Nearly Newlywed

This site offers a huge collection of unique gowns at very impressive prices. And, authenticity and quality are guaranteed.

3. Wedding Planner

Picking the engagement ring required serious thought and effort. But planning the wedding often takes precision of military expertise!

Thankfully, there are some superb tools that can help you out tremendously on the planning front. 

Wedding Happy is an app on iOS that will happily be your wedding guide.

It will issue you with deadlines, give you tasks to complete, and it will even give you a budget feature that you can incorporate into your plans. 

If you're on Android, Our Wedding Planner offers a very similar wedding guide. Using it, you can manage your guest list, your budget, and your to-do list, all in one handy app.

4. Seating Plans

Up to your eyes in a never-ending mass of index cards? Finding it really tough to visualize your seating plan?

Here's a tool to take every piece of hassle away. It's called AllSeated.com and it will do the work for you. 

Using this tool you can import your guest list and build your floor plans in minutes. Then, you can see your floor plans and seating charts come to life in 3D.

Wedding Guide Tools - You Need Them In Your Life

Who said planning a wedding had to be stressful?

It doesn't.

Try out these awesome wedding guide tools and put the fun back into planning your big day.