How to Take the Most Gorgeous Engagement Ring Selfie

Posted March 28 2017

How to Take the Most Gorgeous Engagement Ring Selfie


Celebrate your engagement with friends and family all over by taking the most gorgeous engagement ring selfie they've seen! Here's how to take a great pic.

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Lights, camera, action!

You've scored an awesome ring (oh, and fiance). Now, it's time to share the news.

Posting an engagement ring selfie on your social media is a great way to get the message out there. But of course, you want to make sure you post the perfect pic. 

Keep reading for the top tips to make your shot social media worthy now that you're #engaged!

5 Tips to Taking the Perfect Engagement Ring Selfie

1. Prepare by Primping

Nothing takes away from the perfect engagment ring selfie faster than chipped nails.

Imperfect nail polish will take away from the beautiful new bling on your finger. So, pamper and primp for your engagement ring selfie. However, do keep it within reason.

Beautify your hands by exfoliating, moisturizing, and getting a manicure. Also, be sure to drink lots of water before you snap your selfie, as this will help to de-puff and rehydrate your fingers after all your happy tears!

As for those unnecessary filler injections, laser treatments, and hand-lifts that brides-to-be are supposedly splurging on--just keep things natural. 

2. Forget Zoom

If you zoom in with the camera on your engagement ring selfie, you're compromising the quality of the shot. 

Instead, keep the camera at half an arms length to get the best shot. Then you can always crop the picture to make it closer after it's been taken.

3. Find a Flattering Pose

To find the best pose for your pic, play with your angles.

If you don't like the way your hand looks in pictures, angle your hand to the side instead of opting for a head-on shot. This will pput more focus on your ring.

Also make sure to relax your fingers.

If you're finding it difficult to keep your hand from looking tense and creepy, try adding a prop or resting your hands on your new fiance's arm. 

Lastly, in order to stay away from shots that capture every pore and strand of hair on your hand, slightly tilt the camera or your hand, instead of shooting straight on. 

4. Ditch the Other Jewelry

Your engagement ring should be the only jewelry on your hand for your selfie. Why?

You don't want to make your engagement ring compete for attention! Not only should your new ring not have to share the spotlight, but other jewelry can also kew how the size of your stone looks.

This goes for watches as well. Because of the mismatched proportions, watches with a large face can make your ring seem smaller than it is in reality.

Also, since the all the focus will be on the one ring, give your engagement ring a good cleaning prior to the pic. 

5. Nail the Right Lighting

Lighting is everything when it comes to nailing the perfect engagment ring pic. Soft, natural lighting is what will make your ring look its very best. 

This means, if you're indoors, set up snap up near a window. This will provide you with some natural light. 

Avoid taking an iPhone photo in a dimly lit room--as this pretty much guarantees you'll wind up with a blurry shot.

Additionally, flourescents or yellow bulb lights won't do your ring much good either. Natural sunlight is the way to go.

Whether you're inside or outside, keep an eye out for tricky shadows that can throw off your pic. 

The best lighting you'll find for your engagement ring selfie will be outside on a cloudy day after 4 p.m. At this time, you'll get the benefit of natural light without harsh shadows. 


Where was the first place you posted your engagement ring selfie? Tell us how you broke the news to your friends and fam with social media in the comments!