5 Things You Can Expect the First Year of Marriage

Posted March 28 2017

5 Things You Can Expect the First Year of Marriage

Congratulations - you're on the path to spending your life with the person you love! Here's what you can expect during your first year as partners.

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Despite what your single friends say, marriage is as popular as ever. 

Over 60 million couples within the U.S. are married, and they can't all be wrong!

But after you've had your special day, the wedding cake has long been eaten, the photos have been processed and the dress stored away for keeping, what's next?

Your first year of marriage can be a learning period, one of highs and lows, never to be repeated experiences and life in general.

The First Year of Marriage

The 'Honeymoon Period' is exactly that, a period of time that you'll go through, but even once the honeymoon is over, it can still be the best feeling in the world; knowing that you're with your soulmate. 

You may think that everything turns to normality, that the day-to-day drudgery of life once again takes over, after all, you have nothing to plan for now your big day has been and gone. 

But the reality can be different; it's still exciting, your heart still thumps when you think of your partner, they still make you smile, and dare we say it ... you still fancy each other like heck. 

Here are five things that you can look forward to in your first year of marriage

  1. Early morning cuddles ... is there anything better than having big cuddles with your loved one when you first wake up?
  2. Sharing your interests ... getting to know each other means understanding each other's hobbies. Participation isn't compulsory, but wouldn't it be nice to do enjoy something together?
  3. Support ... feeling cranky? Had a bad day at work? Talking it through with your wife or husband will always help to get a better perspective on life's problems. 
  4. Mr and Mrs ... smiling to yourselves everytime you see or hear your names expressed as Mr. and Mrs. XYZ.
  5. Anniversary ... of course, the last thing to look forward to in your first year of marriage is the celebration of that marriage. 

While for some, the concept of marriage is as outdated as a paper book, we'd say that it isn't just a piece of paper, it's a celebration of your love for each other.

It's you and your partner expressing that you love them so much, you never want to be parted from them, that they complete your world - not one in a million, but once in a lifetime.

Of course, there is also the small matter of picking out some rather fancy jewelry and being able to show your love to all of your friends and family.

A ring doesn't have to be fancy, cost you a years salary or be capable of being seen from space, all it needs to do is last a lifetime.

We like to think that our rings are a thing of beauty, showing your love for each other and then being passed down the generations, something that will live on forever.

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