2017 Trends in Wedding Rings for Men

Posted March 28 2017

2017 Trends in Wedding Rings for Men

Men's rings often get overlooked in the wedding process. But it's just as much his day as hers. Here are new trends to look for in wedding rings for men.

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The flowers. The venue. The dress and champagne and -- ah, yes -- the ring.

The bride's ring, that is.

In the hustle and bustle of wedding planning the groom is often all but overlooked.

And, in truth, he's probably okay with that. But we know that it's as much his wedding day as it is his blushing bride's day. And just like her ring represents her personality, the groom's ring represents his.

So let's show the groom some love with these 2017 trends in wedding rings for men.

Cool and classic

Many grooms still opt for a classic look when selecting a wedding band. These are often plain gold bands, although metals like white gold, silver, and platinum have been steadily increasing in popularity.

Some attribute this shift away from gold in wedding rings for men as another step toward versatility. Many believe that lighter colors are more subtle and pair better with most anything a man can wear. Others believe it is more likely a matter of durability.

Bring on the bling

Don't be shy, guys. The ladies aren't the only ones who can rock the bling!

There has been an increase in wedding rings for men that are diamond studded or feature other precious stones. These can range from simple diamond chips to more elaborate rings with glitz and glam.

Still, these rings typically stick to the traditional shape of the band.

However, if no amount of bling on a band is going to satisfy you, you may instead want to opt for a fashion ring.

For the fashion forward 

Fashion rings are a fairly inclusive category. It covers everything from traditional Celtic knots, studded diamond rings to styles with simple geometric focal points. 

This might just be the perfect ring for the special man whose ties must be pressed just so and whose pants are creased precisely as they would be at the tailor. 

For the modern man

For those looking to bring a little modernity to wedding rings for men, look no further than modern inspired rings. 

These rings are often simple and streamlined -- but not quite as the classic styles.

Instead, they often appear layered, with a top and bottom layer of white gold or silver and eye-catching materials sandwiched between the two layers.

Some modern rings make use of bright colors, such as electric blue. Others incorporate interesting materials, like polished wood.

No one can say for sure where the tradition of exchanging rings originated.

According to some sources, the first uses of wedding rings can be traced back to Ancient Egypt and Rome. There are many theories as to why the wedding ring is worn on the ring finger. Some men are even choosing naked fingered matrimony over the widely accepted symbol of marriage.

But we believe that the groom deserves his moment to shine too, and 2017 is certainly offering plenty of opportunities to do so with wedding rings for men.

Your best bet for finding a ring the groom will love is to go to a professional jeweler and have a ring custom made just for him.