4 Cute Quotes for Wedding Ring Engravings

Posted March 28 2017

4 Cute Quotes for Wedding Ring Engravings

From love quotes to inside jokes, wedding ring engravings are a special secret on the married couple have to know about. Here are 4 cute quotes for engravings.

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What could be harder than picking out the perfect engagement ring you ask?

How about finding the right words to say "I love you for all time" on your wedding ring engravings?

Before walking up to the altar to say "I do," couples get to choose the style and type of wedding bands they will wear to celebrate their marriage. 

Sometimes the hardest task is finding the right words to save the occasion with.

Wedding ring engravings allow couples to share a special memory, or even a secret, with one another. But it can be as nerve-wracking as picking out the perfect tattoo.

A tattoo that says "I love you" on the inside of your wedding ring forever.  

How To Choose Wedding Ring Engravings

While many couples choose a special date, like their first kiss, or their wedding day, there are a number of wedding ring engravings that can have romantic significance to a couple.

A poem, a Bible verse, or a song lyric might prove your best bet. Maybe the title of one of Billboard's Top 50 Love Songs of All Time will provide some inspiration. 

Pick a Place

Not just a place for your reception and wedding. You may want to pick a place for your engravings.

Consider wedding ring engravings with the Latitude and Longitude of your favorite place. This could hold special significance inside your wedding bands.

It could be the location of your first date or even the church where you plan to get married.

Speaking of your first date.

Pick a Date

Add a date to your engraving if you like. This might be your wedding day, your spouse's birthday or a special time the two of you hold dear. 

Standing alone, or combined with the right words, using a date on your engraving will make it a special one.

The Right Words

Maybe part of your wedding vows, or a selection from one of the readings at your wedding, will make the perfect keepsake inside your wedding bands. 

Of course, the engravings on your wedding rings don't need to match. "Hers" and "His" work well, for example. And you can decide who wears which.

Others include the beginning and end of a verse, song lyric, or favorite saying.

Whatever you do, take one piece of advice. Double-check your spelling.

Nothing says "I love you" like a typo for eternity.  

Still stumped?

Here's some additional inspiration:

Four Cute Quotes for Wedding Engravings 

1. The one.

2. I've got a slight crush on you. 

3. What if we're just getting started?

4. We did.

Can You Keep a Secret?

Choosing the right words should be a team sport. Like every aspect of your special day, and the start of your life together, choosing your engravings should be fun.

Some couples decide to keep their special engraving a secret. What's more fun than that?

Fun Facts

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