5 Rules for Picking the Best Engagement Rings

Posted January 26 2017
5 Rules For Picking the Best Engagement Rings

You've found your person, and now you just need to find the ring. We're sharing the little-known rules and things you'll find on your journey for the one.
So, you've found that special someone? Awesome! But... hold on just a second! There are some things you need to know before you start your search for the best engagement rings.
No doubt this is a thrilling time for you both. And, we want that magical moment to be everything you dream of and more.  
But, when looking for the very best engagement rings, there are some little-known rules that can make that moment the magical occasion you want it to be.  
We're thrilled you've found the perfect person. Now, let's find perfection in a ring.

5 Rules for Picking the Best Engagement Rings

1. Give Her A Ring She Wants
Sounds like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised by the number of people who get this wrong.
In the build up to your big proposal, your task, should you choose to accept it, is to become the best investigator in the business. 
What are you investigating? Your partner's tastes, of course!
The lady in your life has her own sense of style. Do you know what it is? 
If you don't, it's time to get busy.
For the next while, every time she speaks of style and fashion, you must listen with all the skills of an expert!
Start paying extra attention when she speaks about anything style-related. Look at the jewelry she already wears. Sneak a look in her jewelry box to see what pieces she likes. 
If all else fails, you can consult one of her friends or family members about her style, but make sure that they can keep a secret first. 

2. Shape Over Setting
When looking amongst the best engagement rings, remember to pick on shape first, and settings second.
Your soon-to-be fiancé will have a favorite shape. What is it?
After you've decided on the shape of the stone, you can then focus on the most beautiful setting for that stone. 

3. Her Ring Size
This is often overlooked in the build-up to the special moment, but actually, it's crucially important.
There is nothing like an ill-fitting ring to ruin a magical moment.
You must get her ring size first. 
Sneak one from her jewelry box 
Trace a ring she already wears onto a piece of paper
Use your wild imagination!

4. Know Your Budget
Do you know how much is enough?
Shopping for the best engagement rings is no easy task and the chances are you'll hear all kinds of rules when it comes to the amount your should spend.
The amount you must spend is...
Up to you!
Decide on your budget ahead of time and leave a little wiggle room for something extra special.

5. Insure It
Whatever amount you choose to invest in the engagement ring, it is probably going to represent quite an investment for you.
And that investment isn't merely financial. It's a sentimental and emotional one as well.
So, be safe and protect that investment. Insure the ring as soon as you take it home.   
Good Luck!
The best engagement rings are not found without a little forward planning.
But, now that you have the know-how, you will no doubt find the perfect ring.
We wish you luck in your search.
We wish you joy in that precious moment.
And, what's more, we wish you and your loved one, a lifetime of wedded bliss!