Here's What Your Engagement Ring Style Says About You

Posted February 09 2017

Here's What Your Engagement Ring Style Says About You

Here's What Your Engagement Ring Style Says About You

From princess cut to round, what does your engagement ring style say about who you are? We're sharing why these symbols are so special to who we are.


When choosing an engagement ring, we all know that quite a lot of thought is required. But, once the perfect ring is chosen what does your engagement ring style say about you?

From princess cut to round cut and all things in between, your engagement ring style is speaking for you. 

Do you know what it's saying?

Time to have a little fun. We're about to share what your engagement style really reveals about you.

Are you ready? Let's get to it!

Your Engagement Ring Style and You

The Princess Cut 

Que fairytale wedding.

An iconic symbol, the princess cut is a timeless classic.

You're a modern thinker with an innate respect for the past.  And, your well-rounded world view will ensure that your wedding day will be traditional, but with an exquisite modern twist.

If you've chosen this engagement ring style, you'll be every inch the princess bride.

The Round Cut

The most popular shape for engagement rings, the round cut is designed to produce as much sparkle as possible.  

Not that you need it.  

You are a person who always radiates timeless elegance.

Not one to bow to trends, you prefer to stick with the power of your own judgment.

You have confidence, assurance and a strong belief in the beauty of your own sense of style. And, with such discerning taste, why wouldn't you?

The Cushion Cut

The cushion cut is an antique design that speaks to the romantic in all of us. 

This engagement ring style will be very reflective of its owner: It's trendy, glamorous and trickling with tradition.

Expect your wedding to honor these values. It will be heavy on style while exuding glamor at every turn.

The Emerald Cut

Emerald cuts are minimalist in nature and offer the ultimate in chic luxury. They are often seen decorating the hands of movie stars.

A mix of a range of different engagement ring styles, if you've gone for an emerald shape, you have a versatile personality with an elegance that catches the eye.

Emerald cuts are always sophisticated and classy. In this way, they are just like you.

The Square Cut

Usually big, and always gorgeous, a square cut speaks to your glamor and sense of confidence. 

Showy, and bursting with beauty, the square cut is a statement piece that makes an entrance all by itself. 

A bride who chooses the square cut will make an entrance wherever she goes, and she won't have to speak a word. 

The Heart Shape

Heart shaped engagement ring styles are for the bold and the beautiful. The heart shape is often worn by a woman who isn't afraid to step into the spotlight and stake her claim as the style queen. 

This ring is eye-catching and rare. Rather like the beautiful lady who wears it. 

A Colorful Engagement Ring

Well, hello, Miss non-conformist! 

Bold and never inclined to go with any sense of obligation, you are naturally unconventional and like to do your own thing.

You don't follow a rulebook and the only standards you obey are the ones you set yourself.

Expect your wedding to be off-beat, spectacular and full of fun. 

More than Just a Gorgeous Ring on Your Finger

So, are you a lady of tradition or are you always seeking something different?

Your engagement ring style will reveal all!